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Hanukkah symbols are used to decorate the homes during Hanukkah. Here are some tips on how to decorate using Chanukkah symbols.

Hanukkah symbols

Hanukkah is celebrated by Jewish people across the world with gaiety and gusto. As the festival approaches, Jews proudly display Hanukkah symbols in and around their homes. Common Hanukkah symbols are the Menorah, freshly cut evergreens and dreidels. The Jewish people eagerly decorate their homes with Hanukkah symbols in order to reveal their spiritual mood to the people around them. Here in this article, we have given some tips on how to decorate your premises with Chanukkah symbols.
  • The festival of Chanukkah is a grant celebration. So, keep the decorations impressive. Arrange a majestic display of the traditional Hanukkah symbols that is, sprig of freshly cut evergreens along with your Menorah and a couple of dreidels across the mantelpiece of your fireplace.
  • You may also decorate the mantelpiece with chocolate coins wrapped in silver or gold foils. This will create the perfect festive atmosphere at your home.
  • Decorate your dining table with Chanukkah symbols. Keep some dreidels on your coffee table. This will encourage your children to play the dreidel game, at the same time, keep up the festive spirit at your home.
  • Blue and silver are the colors of Hanukkah. So, fill your home with blue and white colored decorative items. Use blue and silver colored candles for your Menorah. Decorate the entranceway of your home with huge banner painted in blue and silver white, to welcome your guests during the Hanukkah season.
  • Decorate your home with strings of blue colored lights as the Hanukkah season approaches. Outline the window and doorframes with strings of blinking blue lights.
  • The large Star of David (a combination of two blue triangles to form a six-pointed star) is another Jewish symbol. Blue colored lights illumination at your home is an announcement of Hanukkah. So this time, decorate your home with the Star of David and convey your message of festive spirit to others.
  • So this year, make a couple of Stars of David using blue and white cardboard, foil, or construction paper and hang them on your entranceway.