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Hanukkah is an annual Jewish festival, celebrated with fun and fervor. Know more about Chanukah celebrations.

Hanukkah Celebration

Hanukkah is an annual Jewish festival, celebrated with lots of fun and fervor. The celebrations for the festival are marked by kindling of candles on a special candelabrum called Menorah, which serves as one of the important traditions of Chanukah. One candle is lit on each of the eight nights of the festival. There is a specific pattern for lighting the candles. Traditionally, the candles are lit from right to left. Singing songs, saying prayers and giving small gifts to children are other customs followed to mark Hanukkah celebrations.

Hanukkah prayers/ blessings are sung before the candles are lit on the Menorah. Sometimes, the songs are also sung while lighting the candles. Apart from the religious observance, traditional food is cooked all through the eight days of the festival. Traditional Hanukkah dinner usually consists of potato latkes, roasted chicken, doughnuts, and other delicacies that are specially made of oil. Hanukkah is a carnival where people spend the time with great devotion and fun.

The concept of celebrating of Chanukah is not just limited to following traditional customs. Exciting parties are also arranged as part of the celebrations. Activities arranged at the parties escalate the spirits of people. Crafts, the traditional dreidel game and menu are the major attractions of Hanukkah parties. The Jewish community eagerly awaits the 25th day of the month of Kislev, to kick-start the glorious Festival of Lights.