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Your guests should be attracted to your Hanukkah party invitation at the very first glance. Here are some Hanukkah party invitation ideas.

Hanukkah Party Invitation

Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, is a blend of religious observance and fun-filled activities. The most exciting element of Hanukkah is probably Hanukkah party, for which people eagerly await. Hanukkah parties are generally family get-together. Since Hanukkah is largely a family-oriented festival, people like to keep their guest list to the minimal. As far as party invitation is concerned, your guests should feel like attending your Hanukkah party as soon as they receive their invitation. Hence, your Hanukkah party invitation should be very attractive. Here are some Hanukkah party invitation ideas that will assist you to ensure maximum footfall into your Hanukkah party.
  • The traditional way of inviting guests to a Hanukkah party is by sending letters. You may send letters to your guests and humbly invite them to your Hanukkah party. Make sure that the invitations are sent many days in advance.
  • Invitation cards are in vogue. There is a wide array of invitation cards available in the stores. Most of the Hanukkah party invitations available in the stores have the important Hanukkah symbols like Menorah and dreidel in their invitations.
  • Making phone calls is another bright idea to invite your guests to the party. Give them a call few days prior to the party.
  • One of the fastest and the latest ways to invite party guests is by sending sms. Send humble text messages to your near and dear ones, announcing the date and venue of your Hanukkah party.
  • You may also e-mail the Hanukkah party invitations to your guests. E-mailing party invitation has an added advantage. You can improvise the look of your Hanukkah party invitation by adding few Hanukkah clip arts to them. Download Hanukkah clip arts from websites, include the clip art in your invitations, and send them via e-mail.