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A variety of funny Hanukkah gifts is available in the market. Here is a list of funny Hanukkah gifts for all ages.

Funny Hanukkah Gifts

Hanukkah is all about celebrating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and the victory of Judah Maccabee's Jewish army over the German soldiers. Jews around the world celebrate this annual Festival of Lights with joy, devotion, and great enthusiasm. Come Hanukkah, you will find the entire Jewish community busy in the preparations for the joyous festival. Apart from being a religious ceremony, the festive season of Chanukkah is a time to exchange gifts and spread the good cheers among your near and dear ones.

Now that gift giving is an important part of Chanukkah, gift shopping may seem to be a serious affair. Keeping Chanukkah theme in mind, you may end up in purchasing the run-of-the-mill Hanukkah gifts like a Menorah or a dreidel. Break the monotony. This time, look for something different. Something that is wacky enough to bring instant laughter. Funny Hanukkah gifts are available throughout the real and virtual markets. All you need to do is make the right selection, that is, a Hanukkah gift that is funny at the same time keeps up the Hanukkah spirit in the person receiving the gift. Our list of funny Hanukkah gifts will surely serve the purpose. So, read on.
  • Menorah Hat
  • Springy dreidel hat
  • Giant Fish Pillows
  • Custom t-shirt with a funny slogan
  • glass dreidel paperweight
  • You Are Here Doormat
  • Butt Face Towel
  • Butt/Face Soap
  • Finger Drums tabletop drum set
  • Puzzle Alarm Clock
  • Pick Your Nose Animals Cups
  • Hanukkah Hostess Set - More Latkes Please
  • Hanukkah Latka Tray With Dip Cup
  • Pop Art Toaster
  • Mini green bog monster