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Hanukkah centerpieces are easy to make. Here is how to make a beautiful Hanukkah centerpiece for your dining table.

Hanukkah Centerpiece

Hanukkah season is a time to spread holiday cheers and blessings among the people around you. A beautifully crafted Hanukkah centerpiece placed on your family dinner table can create a focus on your culinary art as well as your decorative skills. Attractive Hanukkah centerpieces are readily available in the stores. But, the real thrill lies in making Hanukkah centerpieces yourself. It will generate more interest when you know that Hanukkah centerpieces are easy to make. Here is how to make a beautiful Hanukkah centerpiece for your dining table.

Things required:
  • Florist's foam
  • Small Menorah
  • Few sprigs of boxwood
  • Handful of Blue Statice
  • Mini hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Two poster boards- one white and one blue
  • Draw a triangle on each of the poster boards. Keep them aside. These shall be used as templates to measure and cut the florist's foam to form a base for the Hanukkah centerpiece.
  • Arrange the cut pieces of the poster board to form a six-pointed star.
  • Place the small Menorah (without candles) on the center of the star to see if the menorah perfectly fits at its center. If it doesn't fit at the center, make a bigger star.
  • Cut a six-pointed star out of the florist's foam. Use the poster board template to trace the star shape.
  • Apply small amount of glue on the edges of the foam pieces using the hot glue gun in order to form the Star of David.
  • Cut the multi-colored boxwood and blue statice into different lengths. Place the long pieces at the center and the short pieces towards the periphery of the Hanukkah centerpiece. This will create a good contrast and improvise the look of your centerpiece.
  • Now, affix the Menorah (without candles) at the center of the Hanukkah centerpiece.
  • Add few sprigs of boxwood and a couple of Blue Statice to the centerpiece. Insert one piece and one color at a time. Fill the foam with the flowers and the sprigs to hide the gaps in the Hanukkah centerpiece.
  • The final addition to your Hanukkah centerpiece will be the candles on the Menorah.
  • Your Hanukkah centerpiece is ready! Place it on your dining table and fill your home with the warmth of the blazing candles for the next eight days of the Festival of Lights!