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Traditional Hanukkah foods are always included in the Hanukkah party menu. Here are some ideas about Hanukkah party menu.

Hanukkah Party Menu

Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights, calls for a delicious menu. When it is Hanukkah party, traditional Hanukkah foods are always included in the Hanukkah party menu. Food for the Hanukkah party menu also depends on the family traditions and of course, the taste of the party guests. By preparing food that is really a delight for the taste buds, you will actually double the enjoyment of your party guests as well as make the Hanukkah party deliciously memorable. Here are some ideas about what to include in your Hanukkah party menu.

Appetizers/Starters: Kick-start your Hanukkah dinner with some lip-smacking appetizers. Here is a list of Hanukkah party appetizers to choose from.
  • Spinach and potato latkes
  • Fried savory snacks
  • Spinach-stuffed mushrooms
  • Caramelized onion tart
  • Parmesan-Pesto Dip
Main-course: You may keep the main-course strictly vegetarian or non-vegetarian. We suggest you to include both so that there is a wider choice. Choose from the main-course dishes given below to include in your Hanukkah party menu.
  • Roasted chicken with orange sage sauce
  • Apricot chicken
  • Blintz with blueberry sauce
  • Fresh vegetable sauté
  • Salmon with Leek Cream
Dessert: Here are some Hanukkah desserts to choose from.
  • Apple fritters
  • Fruit filled puffs
  • Passover doughnuts
  • Hanukkah cinnamon nut fudge
  • Hanukkah mini cheesecakes
Include some of the above Hanukkah recipes in your Hanukkah party menu and make your guests feel that the dinner was really a sumptuous treat!