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Making beautiful Hanukkah cards is nice way to show the festive spirit. Here are some tips for how to make Hanukkah card.

How to Make Hanukkah Card

Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish festival, marks the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and the Miracle of Oil. It is an annual religious festival that is celebrated with devotion. A tinge of fun is added to the celebrations by arranging Hanukkah parties. The true holiday spirit is reflected in its celebrations. Making beautiful Hanukkah cards is another way to show the festive spirit. So this Hanukkah season, make beautiful Hanukkah cards at home and send it to your loved ones. Here are some tips for how to make Hanukkah card.
  • Visit your nearest craft store to get all the craft making supplies. This includes colorful construction papers, sketch pens/crayons, scissors, white craft glue, glitters, and Hanukkah stickers for decoration.
  • Look for previous year's Hanukkah cards that you have received. Cut the pictures that you want for your homemade Hanukkah card.
  • Another idea is to draw pictures of Hanukkah symbols including Menorah and dreidel and color them using crayons or sketch pen.
  • Make beautiful borders on your Hanukkah card by cutting the edges of your card.
  • Sometimes, marking pens bleed into the construction paper, leaving ugly marks on your paper. So, it is better to use magic markers or a standard felt tip pens to write on your Hanukkah card. Gel pens and paint pens are also good options.
  • Paste a couple of Hanukkah stickers on your Hanukkah card. This is of the easiest ways to make your Hanukkah card look special and unique.
  • Family photographs are great additions to your Hanukkah cards. You can even use the photograph as your Hanukkah card. Take digital photograph of your entire family and paste it on your construction paper. Write a Hanukkah thought just below the photograph and decorate it with glitters. Your personalized Hanukkah card is ready!