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Hanukkah party theme generally includes religious aspects of the festival. Here are some Hanukkah theme ideas.

Hanukkah Party Theme

Hanukkah celebrates religious freedom of the Jewish people. The Festival of Lights commemorates the rededication of Holy Temple in Jerusalem. During the Hanukkah season, people enjoy partying with their family and friends. Since it is a religious festival, Hanukkah party theme generally includes religious aspects of the festival. The most well known element and an important tradition of Chanukkah is lighting the Menorah. Hence, Menorah is included in almost all Hanukkah decorations. Here are some more Hanukkah theme ideas.
  • Include every aspect of Hanukkah in your Hanukkah party decorations. Hang a big "Happy Hanukkah" banner on your entranceway to welcome your guests. Decorate your front door with Hanukkah door border. Decorate the tables with a beautiful Hanukkah centerpiece.
  • Plan your Hanukkah party activities that interests all your guests. You can arrange a craft making competition for the children present in your party.
  • Since it is a religious Hanukkah theme, serve traditional Hanukkah food such as potato latkes; roast chicken, doughnuts.
  • Serve the food in Hanukkah themed dishes. You may use Chanukah spreaders, Menorah tidbit tray, Star of David tidbit tray, dreidel tidbit tray, Chanukah towel set, Chanukah ribbon host set, Jerusalem Menorah tidbit server, and Chanukkah potholders as the tableware.
  • The traditional dreidel game is a must-have for your Hanukkah party.
  • Hanukkah party theme costumes will set the mood to have fun in the party. Set a dress code for your guests.