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Hanukkah party favors are perfect to wish your guests "Happy Hanukkah"! Here are some ideas about Hanukkah party favors.

Hanukkah Party Favors

Hanukkah party favors are a great way to thank your guests who have accepted your invitation and have gladly joined you in Hanukkah party celebrations. Party favors are one of the best ways to wish your guests "Happy Hanukkah"! Whether your Hanukkah party is a simple one or a grand celebration, party favors have special place in the party. Party favors will speak well of you and create sweet memories of the special evening. Although they are given at the end of the party, it is decided many days prior to the party, as to what should be given as party favors. Here are some ideas about what to give as Hanukkah party favors.
  • There is a huge collection of Hanukkah party favors available in the stores- from goodie bags, bracelets, wristbands and many other fun Hanukkah theme items. Pick the items that are closely related to the festival.
  • Small children would love to play with toys. So, purchase mini stuffed animals, stretch animals, plastic animals, hand puppets, finger puppets, yo-yos, paddleball, gliders, die cast cars, mini water games, and inflatable to give as Hanukkah party favors.
  • For the young creative souls, pencils, erasers, stickers, Hanukkah glitter tattoos, crayons, coloring books, Hanukkah mini pen on a rope, and tic-tac-toe cubes will best serve as Hanukkah party favors.
  • Your female guests would love to receive fans, Chinese jump ropes, Hanukkah charm bracelets, Star of David heart necklaces, Hanukkah friendship bracelets, and semi-precious jewelry as Hanukkah party favors.
  • For the guys, purchase harmonicas, sunglasses, rubber dreidel key chain, Hanukkah sweatbands, Hanukkah pin & bookmark sets, and Hanukkah treat boxes.
  • You may also buy personalized Hanukkah party favors such as candy bars, chocolate gelts and goodie bags containing Hanukkah fruit slices, butter cookies with almonds and blueberry and coconut jelly beans.
  • Order all your Hanukkah party favors well in advance, say few days prior to the Hanukkah party.