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Lighting candles is one of the important Hanukkah traditions. Here is a brief description about the 9 candles of Chanukah.

Hanukkah Candles

Hanukkah candles are lit to pay tribute to the Miracle of Oil. The legend goes that The small amount of purified oil found in the Holy Temple was worth lighting only one candle. Miraculously, the oil lit all the eight candles on the Menorah for eight days continuously. This gave rise to the festival of Hanukkah in which, lighting candles on the special candelabrum is amongst the most important traditions. A wide variety of Menorahs, such as those made of glass, porcelain, crystal and metals including silver, brass, aluminum, and gold, is available in stores. A combination of different materials is also used to make beautiful Menorahs, for the festival of Hanukkah. Nowadays, plastic Menorahs, with electrical Chanukkah lights, are also available in the market.

Beautiful candles, such as the popularly used multi-colored ones and blue and white ones, are available in the stores during the Hanukkah season. Since Menorah is vital for the festival, without which the occasion is incomplete. Hence, it is important to know certain defining characteristics of Menorah. You should also know the pattern of lighting the Hanukkah candles. Here is a brief description about Menorah and Hanukkah candles. Read on.
  • Seven-branched Menorah, called as 'Shabbat', is available in the stores. But, the Menorah used in Hanukkah has nine branches. It is called as Chanukiah (or Hanukkiah).
  • All the eight candles of Chanukiah must be in a straight line while Shamash (the 'servant candle') should be out of alignment with the other candles and should be positioned at the middle of the candelabrum, positioned slightly higher than the rest of the candles.
  • Hanukkah candles should be lit only after the sunset or later. The candle on the extreme right of the Chanukiah is lit on the first night. The first two Jewish prayers are chanted before lighting the first candle.
  • On the second night, light the two candles on the right using the already lit Shamash.
  • On the third night, place three candles on the extreme right and again, light the candles using the Shamash.
  • Repeat the above procedure on the following days.
  • Remember, all the candles should be lit ONLY with Shamash.
  • The ideal position of the Menorah is window or the open door, where the passers by could see your Hanukkiah.